FAQ -Erasmus+ Funding

ETITeacher Training

What is the main difference between Comenius and Grundtvig funding and Erasmus+?

Under the KA 1 ( Key Action 1 ) only organisations can apply for funding under Erasmus+. Training opportunities for individual teachers are still available. However, any application for funding must be done through the school , university college or educational institution. For more help please contact us or use our step-by-step Erasmus + guide.

When is the next deadline?

There will be a new programme which will replace the Erasmus + programme in 2021.  More details should be published about this new programme in Feb  2021. Should you require more information re Erasmus+ or help with your application, please contact us.

What is ETI’s PIC number? And what is ETI's OID Number ?

Our PIC’s number is 948766604 and OID Number is E10050729

Can my institution apply for more than one course?

Yes, your institution can apply for more than one course as long as each course addresses the needs and objectives of your school or institution.

When does my institution have to pay for my course?

We can hold your place on one of our courses until your application has been approved. All we ask is that you fill in our pre-registration form so that we can keep your place. Please inform us immediately once your institution has heard whether your application has been approved or declined. We will then be able to register you officially on your course.