Erasmus Plus +

Every year, over 500 teachers come to our training centre to develop their English language and teaching skills.

ETI ‘s teacher in-service training and development programmes address the needs of teachers and individuals working in the education sector. Our courses are experiential and hands-on, and use multimedia and technology.

All of our short CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses (1 – 2 weeks) are eligible for Erasmus + (Plus) funding. Previously, under the EU LLP Comenius and Grundtvig funding programmes

ETI Erasmus +Teacher Training Dates and Prices  2019 and 2020


For more information on our courses or on EU funding please contact us.

Our PIC’s number is 948766604


The ETI is an active member of the EATP European Association of Training

The EATP is made up of experienced training providers in the EU with a long track record of successful participation in European projects and a history of excellence in providing training. All members have signed up to a voluntary quality charter regarding the training and services.