New Course: Creativity for the 21st Learner


Creativity as a Key Competence for the 21st Century Learner is the latest addition to our short Teacher Training courses. This course was designed for professionals, working in the education sector, who would like to develop creativity in their classroom, school or other learning environments.

A recent report, The Future of Jobs from the World Economic Forum, highlighted the importance of making creativity an education priority. It states that within the next five years 35% of the jobs as we know them will have disappeared from the workforce and new jobs will emerge.  Employers will be looking to employ people with creative and critical thinking skills. The workforce of the future will be very different to the present one.

During this course we will explore creativity as a skill. We will also introduce and discuss a number of techniques to introduce creativity in your classroom. We will also explore a wide range of free available methodologies and technologies   For more information contact us on or visit our website.