Technical English describes a common core of language used in a range of technical professions: engineers, technicians, operators, technologists and scientists.  The Technical English course at ETI provides training in the language needed in a range of professions, by providing you with input and opportunities of practice of key vocabulary and grammar. In addition, you will develop your spoken communication through discussion around technical topics.

Who is it for

This course is aimed at:

  • students who are preparing to enter the workplace in a range of technical jobs
  • young professionals working in technical fields

Course details

This course is designed to specifically give you the opportunity to learn and practise the following areas:

Technical vocabulary including

  1. Technical vocabulary to describe shape, size and measurement, weight, colour, texture, etc
  2. Technical vocabulary to describe processes: heat, engineering, chemical, separation, cleaning, etc
  3. Technical concepts: standards, resources, scale of likelihood, similarity and difference

A simplified grammar for technical contexts

  1. Simple verb tenses (past, present, and future)
  2. Simplified sentence and clause patterns
  3. Restricted sentence length


Topic-based discussions are organised around non-specialist technical themes.

Course benefits

By following this course you will:

  • develop your English language knowledge of a core of technical language in terms of vocabulary and grammar
  • practise using this core of technical English language in topic-based discussion around technical themes
  • improve your fluency and command of the English language
  • develop your practical communication skills such as active listening


Dates and rates

For more information of dates and rates please contact us. 



  • Gruppengröße Maximum of 6 participants. Closed Groups - maximum of 8 participants
  • Kurslevel Minimum of B1 (Intermediate)
  • Alter der Teilnehmer 24+
  • Kurslänge 30 hours over 5 training days