Professional Development Courses

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Success when working internationally depends increasingly upon good interpersonal skills, as well as fluency of speech, effectiveness of
communication and accuracy of language. These highly practical training programmes cover the core communication skills in English
required to function effectively .

Diversity in Education. Developing Intercultural and Communication Skills

The Diversity in Education course is aimed at teachers and educators who wish to develop their skills for participating in internationalisation activities at home (receiving foreign students and teachers, teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds) and abroad (international exchanges and projects). It is also aimed at teachers and educators working with migrants and refugees. The training aims to provide a better...

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Professional Communication Skills

Communicating in today’s workplace requires a mix of language knowledge and professional communication skills. English language knowledge gives you the security that you are using the correct forms; communication skills in English give you the ability to build relationships and accomplish tasks. Taken together these two elements will ensure you have the necessary skills to perform competently in English, in...

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