MTA E-Learning Training Scheme 2020

ETICoursesProfessional English & Communication

Empowering the Tourism Workforce through E-learning by MTA


List of ETI course  / training programmes:


Discover Malta – Learn English through Malta’s cultural and tourism offer- Transport Sector


Discover Malta – Learn English through Malta’s cultural and tourism offer- Hospitality Sector


English for Hotel and Catering – Services’ Personnel


English for Hotel and Catering -Management


Business Communication Skills in English


Professional Communication Skills in English


Effective Writing in English


-Application Candidates will be selected on a first come first served basis.

-Applications for courses must be submitted to by 16th May 2020 at 16:00 hrs.

-Applicants should present a copy of the Malta ID Card

-A letter of employment proving their current employment in the Hospitality and tourism sector in Malta. In the case of self-employed persons the following documentation is requested: The VAT registration form which confirmed the NACE code applied to the organisation. A recently dated JobsPlus confirmation that the applicant is registered as a self-employed person. Applicants who are currently unemployed  are requested to provided provide their ETC social security registration confirming they are unemployed and a recently dated copy of their employment history from JobsPlus which show that they have recently been employed in the tourism sector.

ETI shall consider all applications and such information as confidential. Such information shall only be disseminated to Trainers and members of staff at ETI and to the Malta Tourism Authority for the sole purpose of delivering the training / related to this programme.

-Applicants can apply for up to 3 courses. Courses are programmed to run over 15 -60 hours and run over 1-8 weeks which do not necessarily need to be run on consecutive weeks.

-The exact course, schedule and duration will be confirmed and communicated to each applicant once applications are accepted by ETI and the Malta Tourism Authority




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Effective Writing in English

This is an online course which aims to improve the level of business writing in English in different genres (letter, email etc) specifically around the language of travel and tourism. The online course will aim to develop the level of business writing mainly through emails in English specifically around the language of tourism, travel and the hospitality sector.

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English for Hotel and Catering -Services’ Personnel

The online course will aim to develop the main communication skills in English required to perform successfully when communicating in English within the Hospitality and Catering Sector. This online course is intended for personnel working on the front line with customers in the Hotel and Catering industry as well as members in administration.  

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Discover Malta- Learn English Online- Hotel /Accom.Sector

Discover Malta is a an online English course which is designed to teach the English language through the medium of Maltese history, geography, culture, tradition, cuisine and customs This course is specifically designed for the personnel working in the Hotel and accommodation sector who wish to develop their fluency in English and be able to communicate more easily and more...

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