English for Specific Purposes

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Whether you are a lawyer looking to develop your legal English or you work in Finance , in Human Resources we have the course that will focus on your specific field. Scroll down or contact us if you cannot find the course you require.

Energy English Oil Gas and Energy Industry

This course addresses language and communication related to a range of activities within the oil, gas and energy industry: the processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing products.  In particular, you will learn vocabulary and terminology linked to the key process; and practise using this language through a range of communication activities: presentations, discussions, technical reading and technical writing.

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Aviation English

Since the introduction of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) language proficiency requirements,  aviation English training has become a subject driven by specific objectives: attaining and maintaining the language proficiency in radiotelephony communications defined by ICAO Operational Level 4. As English is the language most widely used by the global aviation community,  the community’s main focus currently lies in improving...

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English for Finance and Banking

Increasing profitability, cash-flow control and a healthy financial structure are essential factors in the success of any business. This course is aimed at both specialists and non-specialists, working in an international business environment, who need to improve their communication skills in English.  The course is intended to help professionals: gain a better understanding of the English terms for the financial...

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English for Purchasing

Until recently, procurement was seen as a Cinderella function within organisations – necessary, but rarely notable. However, times have changed.  Today, procurement within companies plays a crucial role in the success of international firms.  The biggest challenges facing procurement departments are: people training and development global sourcing organisation cross-function and collaboration English for Purchasing aims to address the language and...

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English for Human Resources

Communication is an essential part of the Human Resources (HR) role – especially when working internationally.  For example, when you recruit a new employee, good communication skills enable you to choose the best candidate; when you are training, coaching, or evaluating an employee, you need to communicate your expectations clearly and respond appropriately; and when there is a conflict, you...

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