This hands-on, practical 2 week course is intended for teachers and professionals who would like to develop teaching methods to include technology in the classroom, school or other learning environments. A wide range of free available technologies is introduced and worked on during this course.

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Dumitrel-Victor Tita 
Director, Casa Corpulis Didactic OLT.
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Who is it for

This course is ideal for teachers of English and other languages, other subject teachers and professionals who would like to include technology in the classroom, school or other learning environments.

Course details

This course is designed to develop your skills in using technology in the classroom, school and other learning environments.

During our practical, hands-on sessions you will experience and work with a wide range of freeware and online programmes and applications which you can then use to integrate technology into your own classroom.

You will explore areas such as designing your own websites, wikis, blogs, webquests, using the interactive whiteboard and many other areas.

You will be encouraged to develop a Personal Development Action Plan, and select the tools and activities you would like to try out in your own class or project.

Download our detailed Training Programme. Please contact us should you require more information.

Course benefits

During this course, you will have opportunity to:

  • become familiar and work with a number of interesting tools, software and programmes which are available as freeware
  • reflect on your own teaching methods in relation to technology in the classroom today
  • develop your own Personal Development Action Plan, highlighting which tools and activities you will be using to improve and integrate technology in your classroom
  • further develop your own English language skills.

In addition:

  • you will benefit from a subscription to our e-Learning online site to further develop your language knowledge and skills. This service is available to you from registration until  3 months after the end of your course.
  • you will be provided with an opportunity to join the ETI teacher training Facebook group to further your learning and networking potential with trainers and other fellow trainees and colleagues.

This course is eligible for funds under Erasmus+

Dates and rates


Dates 2020

13-24 Jan 2020

27 Jan – 07 Feb 2020

17-28 Feb 2020

02-13 Mar 2020

06-17 Apr 2020

13-24 Apr 2020

11-22 May 2020

25 May – 05 Jun 2020

08-19 Jun 2020

22 Jun – 03 Jul 2020

Tue 30 Jun – 10 Jul 2020

06-17 Jul 2020

20-31 Jul 2020

03-14 Aug 2020

17-28 Aug 2020

05-16 Oct 2020

19-30 Oct 2020

02-13 Nov 2020

16-27 Nov 2020



42 hours over 10 Training Days €700 + €100 Programme fee

For closed groups, in-company training  or more information please contact us



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Carmen Ion
Grow up Project Association

 “It’s been a pleasure to be part of the ETI Malta’s courses, to share ideas, to get new knowledge and to have fun. Malta itself is an amazing country, with its natural beauties and cultural treasures”



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Sanja Vakanjac Ivezic

ETI programme has met my expectations. I have learned a lot. Everything we did is very useful and I will be using a lot of it for my classes. I am really satisfied with both the training and my trainer. Now I feel more confident as regards my IT skills .”



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Ileana Camelia Badea

“The course’s contents are very interesting and useful. I developed a lot of teaching methods, to include technology in my classroom and a wide range of free available technologies”



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Fast facts

  • Group Size Maximum of 15 Participants
  • Course Level B1 (Intermediate)
  • Participants' Age 23+
  • Course Length 42 hours over 10 Training Days