CLIL4U. EU Project- Our Involvement



CLIL4U is an EU KA2( Key Activity 2) Multilateral Project, we at ETI feel very strongly about and we are proud of our participation in it.

CLIL4U looks at developing teaching resources, materials and tools for the application of CLIL (Content Language Integration Learning) in both Primary and VET sectors of education. So far, there have been few materials readily available for teachers of CLIL. This project sets out to deliver:

  • 48 CLIL scenarios: 24 Priamry and 24 VET.
  • A CLIL4U Guidebook
  • A Pre-Course language development course
  • A Main Course on CLIL Methodology

One of our major parts of our involvement in this project is to develop in-service training courses on CLIL. Our trainers, in particular Sandra Attard-Montalto, Lindsay Walter and Douglas Matheson have been busy designing and developing materials to this effect.

They have recently completed the CLIL4U Guidebook for teachers which clearly explains CLIL (Content Language Integration Learning) practice, its benefits and methodology. This manual is aimed at both experienced language and subject teachers and those who are new to CLIL. The manual is full of ideas, advice and reference to materials that you can implement and use straightaway in your classrooms.

The manual will be a handbook for subject and language teachers. This will be downloadable as a PDF or available as an e-book in the near future, for those of you who want to keep a copy on your tablets. For the time being you can download it from here or feel free to contact us for more information.

You can also access the online Pre-Course for teachers using English in CLIL This deals with language development for CLIL teachers who need to brush up their English. It also introduces you to texts about CLIL teaching, and uses a tool developed for CLIL teachers – CLILStore.

We are also currently working on finalising the main course for the CLIL4U project. This course deals primarily with CLIL Methodology. This is a blended learning course, which will consist of online modules as well as a face-to-face component.

For more information on CLIL Methodology and the courses we run please feel free to contact us .


lindsay and sandra 3Sandra and Lindsay working on the CLIL4U project