Apply for ELT voucher scheme when training at ETI this year


‘The Malta Tourism Authority is committed to supporting English Language Students staying for a minimum of 15 nights to a maximum of 30 nights in the Maltese Islands’.

A new scheme by the Malta Tourism Authority offers students interested in learning English in Malta free vouchers up to a value of €300.

Some important facts:

  • Students / Trainees must be 13+ years old 
  • Students/ Trainees must book stays in Malta for a minimum of 15 NIGHTS
  • Students/ Trainees must book on May 7th or later and arrive in Malta on June 1st 2021, or later till December 31, 2021
  • Vouchers have a value of €10 per night booked up to a maximum of €300 for 30 nights
  • Trainees can use vouchers at registered outlets including ETI and ESE restaurants.
  • Students can use the vouchers for ETI upgrades, accommodation upgrades, leisure activities
  • All documents (including flight tickets) and details are required before ETI can apply for the vouchers on the students’ behalf
  • Vouchers will be given on the trainees’ first week at ETI
  • Vouchers issued on a first-come, first-served basis till the fund is used up

The following documents are required:
1. Confirmation Letter of booking at ETI
2. Copy of airline tickets to & from Malta
3. Copy of passport
4. Contact details of trainee
5. Consent authorising MTA to receive, store and use details solely for the purpose of this scheme

Once all details are submitted to MTA by ETI and the application is processed and approved, the vouchers will be sent directly to the student via ETI.

ETI cannot be held responsible for the non-attainment of the government vouchers.

*applies only for bookings made from May 7th 2021 arriving in Malta from June 1st onwards.

Please fill in the form below and Submit with all relevant information.

ELT Scheme 2021

  • Personal Details

  • This is to confirm that I give my consent for Executive Training Institute (ETI) to share my information with Malta Tourism Authority (MTA). I also grant permission to the MTA to receive, store and use these details solely for the purpose of the Grant Scheme for ELT Trainees.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.