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ETI ‘s Teacher in-service training and development programmes address the needs of teachers and individuals working in the education sector. Courses are experiential and hands-on, and use multimedia and technology. 

These short CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses (1 - 2 weeks) are eligible for funding under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme ( Comenius and Grundtvig) and Erasmus + Programme.

We run these courses in the following areas:

For Language Teachers in Primary School Education

Language Learning, Fun & Games –Methodology for Primary School ( 1 week)

The Playground Classroom-Language Teaching Methodology for Primary School (2 weeks)

For Language Teachers in all Education Sectors

Spice Up Your Teaching Ideas- Methodology in Practice Today (1 week)

Methodology Revisited, Revitalised and Re-Energised ( 2 weeks)

For English Teachers

Fluency and English Language Development for Teachers ( 1 or 2 weeks)

Teaching Business English (2 weeks)

ICT Skills- Application of Technology in the Classroom

Empowerment in ICT Skills ( 1 week)

TEL-Technology Enhanced Learning ( 2 weeks)

CPD Courses for Staff and Teachers in Education 

Professional Communication Skills ( 1 week)

Fluency and English Language Development ( 1 or 2 weeks)

Intercultural and Communication Skills ( 1 week)

CLIL –Content and Language Integrated Learning

Online Tools for Teachers working in CLIL ( 1 or 2 weeks)

Courses Dates 2015

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